Knoxville Trust & Probate Attorney

Probate exists to produce an orderly process by which to close out the affairs of an individual upon passing away. Sometimes, those issues can become disorderly. Family members bring old feuds or complaints into probate, creditors demand payment, caretakers may be accused of influencing the will, and sometimes estate administrators have an interest in the disbursement of assets.

This is when you need a competent, experienced and knowledgeable Knoxville probate attorney. Attorney David S. Rexrode can help you avoid expensive probate litigation and smooth the way for an orderly process.

Trust & Probate Attorney David S. Rexrode

As a trust and probate attorney in Knox, Loudon, Sevier, Blount, Roane and Anderson counties in Tennessee, Attorney Rexrode can assist you with navigating the complicated legal system, and he will work to ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the process. He will do this while working to avoid expensive litigation and seeking the best possible outcome.

He can assist you in many aspects of the estate and probate process including:

  • Valuing estate assets
  • Paying estate taxes and debts
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Probate & Estate administration
  • Probate & Estate litigation
  • Trust issues

His clients include heirs, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, personal representatives, administrators and others who may have an interest in a Tennessee estate. He will provide you with experienced, knowledgeable trust and probate representation.

A contested will or other dispute regarding an estate can be contentious.  Attorney David S. Rexrode is a Knoxville trust & probate attorney and skilled advocate whether the matter can be easily settled through negotiation or requires litigation. He will always work in your best interests and is ready to assist you in challenging times.

Contact him today for an initial consultation regarding your specific circumstances.

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